Design and Determination


Design and Determination: the role of information technology in redressing regional inequities in the development process was published by Ashgate in 2004 and in print until 2010.

It is now available here as a free download.

This working site was set up around issues raised in the book.

Key publications can be found here.

Current activities are detailed here.

Other On-line Resources can be found here and the book itself is now available here as a set of pdf format files.

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Related Activities

War Effort Exhibition Blenheim cockpit Shadow factory



The Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference 2014 was jointly organized by Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University and Elgin & Co., the Netherlands, Bogazici University and Adnan Menderes University, Turkey, held in Istanbul 7-8 November 2014

'War Effort' was a free exhibition at Coventry Transport Museum from 12th July 2013 to 5th January 2014.

The story of the British motor industry during World War II told through historical artefacts and records and the testimony of those involved directly.

Part of this story is the Shadow Factory programme led by the Rootes Group and initiated around Coventry. This is described in Little and Grieco(2010). Stephen Little was one of a number of academics who contributed to the historical perspective and to the accompanying video The Shadow Scheme which screened at the exhibition. This includes both archive film and recent interviews with surviving participants.

The CERN-MODE Collaboration is international collaboration which worked with the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, Geneva, initially on a two year project to investigate how strategic knowledge is shared effectively across a collaboration of research institutions in a large number of countries.

The group produced a range of publications of its findings and follow on evaluations of wider knowledge communities associated with high energy physics research and related activities

A summary seminar Knowledge exchange in ATLAS: what works well and what could be better? Knowledge exchange in ATLAS: a social scientific study was held at CERN, Meyrin Site, 20 September 2011 (with Chris Mabey and Elspeth Leeson Birmingham University, Finian Buckley, Dublin City University, Clara Kulich, Geneva University, Amy Wong, HK Polytechnic University)




Street in CERN MODE lunch at CERN LHC poster, CERN


Building 40 at CERN Shiva dancing at CERN ATLAS week, CERN
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On-line Resources


In June 2011 Steve Little was an invited participant in a high-level joint EU/US conference on the science of science policy hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation and a was co-author of the subsequent Bellagio Statement.
He attended the October launch of this report at the European Parliament and contributed to EU Council discussions on a pilot European implementation.

In December 2009 Steve Little attended APROS 13, hosted by EGADE, the graduate management school of Tecnologico Monterrey, Mexico to present the paper CERN Through The Looking Glass: Narrative, Meta-Narrative and Strategy in a Twenty-First Century Organisation

"Capital of Culture 2008: contested narratives of development and identity" presented in the panel on Landscapes of Tourism, Projects and Events, ISA-RC21 Tokyo Conference International House of Japan, Tokyo 18-20th December 2008
PowerPoint slideshow from this presentation available HERE (4.8mb)

Liverpool'08 - brand and contestation presented to the Regional Studies Association ( Research Network on Tourism Regional Development and Public Policy workshop at Ege University, Izmir, Turkey 03-04 April 2008

A set of materials from a presentation by Stephen Little to the MSc in Information and Knowledge Management at London Metropolitan University, 23rd March 2007 are available here (password protected)

Flows and Cohesion: balancing capabilities across an expanded uniona paper by Stephen Little and Dinar Kale presented at the Regional Studies Association Conference Shaping EU Regional Policy: Economic Social and Political PressuresLeuven, June 2006,
paper and PowerPoint slide-shows are available here

Social movements and new technology: a challenge to the existing order of business and Gender and health: a social movements' agenda for Big Pharma: two seminars presented by Margaret Grieco at the Open University, 22-23 March 2006,
papers and PowerPoint slide-shows available here

Big Pharma, international labour, social movements and the internet: coordination and critical perspectives on international business presented by Stephen Little and Margaret Grieco at the International Conference on Global Companies - Global Unions, Global Research - Global Campaigns, New York, 9-11 February 2006

The social impacts of intelligent infrastructure on transport (644kb pdf format) a "state of science review" for the DTI Foresight Project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems.

Performing borders: sustaining culture and identity, challenging global organization to APROS 11 the Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies 11th International Colloquium Melbourne, Australia 4-7 December 2005 (PowerPoint slideshow here)

Re-Determining Design in a Global Network is a conference paper which sets out some of the core arguments contained in Design and Determination, in particular building on earlier work around the notion of co-design. It was developed for the Futureground conference in Melbourne, November 2004.

Metagovernance and Development contains materials which supported a seminar presented to the Centre on Innovation Knowledge and Development (IKD) at the Open University on 14 October 2004.

savethePicket is an archived campaign site built to support the Picket venue in Liverpool when it had to relocate from its original premises. This was in part an unanticipated consequence of the success of Liverpool's bid to become European Capital of Culture for 2008.

Electronic Stepping Stones is a paper presented at the 19th EGOS Colloquium held in July 2003.

From Bletchley Park to the NSA: scientific management and "surveillance society" in the Cold War and beyond is a paper presented at the Critical Management Studies Conference also held in July 2003.

Space, Location and Knowledge contains a 300kb pdf file consisting of a set of overheads prepared for a presentation at the Transport Research Institute, Napier University in April 2001


Any views, comments or contributions or suggestions for joint authorship of related papers, please contact

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Related Resources and Links


"Science entrepreneurs need better business skills" New Scientist 23 February 2008. Stephen Little was among a number of business and management educators and students who contributed to this article which discusses the value of business knowledge to scientists and technologists.

Africa in China's Global Strategy edited by Marcel Kitissou M. and published by Adonis and Abbey, London is now available from Amazon UK.Stephen Little's contribution is the final chapter: Models of Development: finding relevance for Africa in China's experience of development

Archiving_Practice is a site created as an on-line archive for the 10th APROS Colloquium held in Oaxaca, Mexico in December 2003

Knowledge Links was a working site created to allow discussion of issues raised during the presentation of the Open University Business School MBA elective "Managing Knowledge. This course has also been delivered by UNISA in South Africa and the OU Hong Kong.

Virtual Journeys are a form of electronic synchronisation using basic HTML and Web technology, developed collectively by the Odyssey Group of organisational researchers. This is an archive of journeys developed at various events.

The Transport and Society Network website provided access to the full range of journeys developed by the Odyssey Group and their collaborators.

Chennai Travels was created in April 2003 to examine transportation and development around Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Africa Links contains material from trips to South Africa and Ghana, from 1998 to 2002, including a recent presentation on the opportunities afforded by entry level on-line technologies.

Ironbridge Gorge: Visible Learning is an example which explores the archeology of learning and knowledge creation visible in the iron bridge constructed in 1779 across the Severn Gorge in Shropshire, England

Building on Virtual Common Ground: design participation for the network age is a paper discussing the above work was presented at the 2002 International Conference of the Design Research Society.

The following Geocities sites have been discontinued and are being archived at

Odysseygroup2007: accessibility/tourism/development conducted on 31 October and 1 November 2007 as a blended meeting with the face-to-face component hosted by the Open University and supported by Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Rikkyo University, Tokyo.

The meeting explored the relationship between the accessibility of locations and tourism and other forms of economic activity in both developed and developing economies and regions. Links to details of the conference including the programme can be found here.

Hagerstrand and an exercise in recontextualisation: revisiting Stockholm after 34 years: a web page constructed during the37th World Congress of the IIS, Stockholm, July 2005
Paper presented in Session C: The skill of travel: Networks into neighbourhoods Little, Holmes and Go (PowerPoint slideshow here)

Odyssey Group 2005: this meeting was based around a session within the stream Accessibility, Mobility and Connectivity: Changing Frontiers of Daily Routines at the IIS Congress, Stockholm, July 2005

The Odyssey Group 2004 was hosted by the University of Ulster and examined Migration, Identity and New Information Technology. A page on the transformation of the Manchester Northern Quarter was added to this site in conjunction with this meeting.

North East Age is the web site which supported an on-line symposium which ran from the 15th to 18th July 2003. It captures aspects of the living situation of the older members of an outer urban community. It continues as an on-line resource and has a guest book which invites contributions from other communities and locations.

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Central chennai Auto rickshaw rank Mobile phones and mobility

Transport Archive


This archive contains three transport related web-sites developed around a number of meetings of the Odyssey Group. They were formerly Geocities websites which were discontinued in October 2009.

Township Transport, a site created collectively in Africa in 1998.

Townsville Transport examines Australian material and

Tatra Transport, a collecting point for examples of practice, good and bad from around the world.

They are now accessible from

Other sites created by the Odyssey Group are currently being archived at the main Odyssey site:

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Tokyo subway Seoul metro Hong Kong MTR

Key Publications

The following publications contain material inspired by discussion around this site

International Place Branding Yearbook 2010

International Place Branding Yearbook: Place branding in the new age of innovation
Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke ISBN 978-0-230-2794-4

edited by F.M. Go and R. Govers, published October 2010

Contribution: Reitsma G. and Little S.E. 'Creating Desert Islands: Abu Dhabi'
Little S.E. 'In the shadow of Bangalore: place branding and identity for Chennai'

Organizing and Managing in the Era of Globalization

Organizing and Managing in the Era of Globalization
Sage, New Delhi ISBN 978-81-321-0246-5

edited by P. Singh and S. Verma, published March 2009

Contribution: Kale D. and Little S.E. 'Globalisation, migration and knowledge transfer: The reconfiguration of R&D capability in Indian pharmaceutical firms'

Regional and Urban Regeneration in European Peripheries

Regional and Urban Regeneration in European Peripheries: What Role for Culture?,
Institute of Public Policy, Bratislava in conjunction with UNESCO MOST programme, ISBN 978-80-88721-21-5 .

edited by L. Malikova and Martin Sirak, published March 2008

Contribution: Little S.E. 'Liverpool'08 - brand and contestation' pp.44-50

Performance management: multi-disciplinary perspectives

Performance management: multi-disciplinary perspectives.
Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 1-4039-4761-9 & 978-1-4039-4761-1 .

edited by Jacky Holloway and Richard Thorpe, published 2008

Contribution: Little S.E. 'Open Performance Management: the Internet and electronic observability'

Africa in China's Global Strategy

Africa in China's Global Strategy
ISBN 9 7819 0506 8883 Adonis and Abbey, London

edited by Marcel Kitissou, published 2007

Contribution: Little S. Models of Development: finding relevance for Africa in China's experience of development' pp.182-197

Carnet du CERPAC #4

Les Carnets du Cerpac n°4, Montpellier: Service des Publications, Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III, ISBN 978-2-84269-767-9 pp.77-92

edited by M. Lurdos and Judith Misrahi-Barak , published 2007

Contribution: Little S.E. and Hine J.P. 'Changing Track: repositioning the Irish and Australian railways in the national consciousness'

Meeting the Information Challenge

Meeting the Information Challenge: the Experience of Africa
Cambridge Scholars Press, Uxbridge, ISBN: 1-84718-010-8 pp.137-153, 2006

edited by M. Ndulo and Margaret Grieco, published 2007

Contribution: Little S.E. "Meeting the Information Challenge: Exploring partnerships with Africa"

Mobilities 2(1) 2006

Volume 2 number 1

edited by Kenneth Macdonald and Margaret Grieco, published March 2007

A special issue on Accessibility, Mobility and Connectivity

Contribution: Kale D and Little S. Flows and Cohesion: Balancing Capabilities across an expanded Union with Dinar Kale

ESRP 13(1)

Mobile Technologies of the City Routledge, London and New York, ISBN: 0 4153 7434 0 pp.137-153

edited by Mimi Sheller M. & John Urry, published 2006

Contribution: Little S.E. "Twin Towers and Amoy Gardens: mobilities, risks and choices

ESRP 13(1)

Space, Organization and Management Liber & Copenhagen Business School Press, Malmo, ISBN 87-630-0164-0 in:

edited by Stewart Clegg and Martin Kornberger, published 2006

Contribution: Little S.E. & Grieco M.S. "Electronic Stepping Stones: a mosaic metaphor for the production and re-distribution of communicative skill in an electronic mode" pp.174-182

ESRP 13(1)

European Spatial Research and Policy
Volume 13 number 1.

edited by Margaret Grieco, published 2006

A special issue in Memory of Professor Torstein Hagerstand

Contribution: Steve Little, Len Holmes and Frank Go The Skill of Travel: Networks into Neighbourhoods

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