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October 2009

This site was created by

Steve Little,

Formerly Head, Centre for Innovation, Knowledge and Enterprise and B823 Course Team member.

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This site was developed as a micro-portal providing support to learning and research at the Open University Business School.


It was developed as a resource for the wider scholarly community of both staff and students involved with B823 Managing Knowledge to provide an optional resource which supports the "course memory" of this MBA elective course by allowing subsequent cohorts access to this material, and the opportunity to build upon it.

Knowledge Management has now become a widely established area of investigation and study. This site now represents the wider range of interests covered by the Centre for Innovation, Knowledge and Enterprise within the Open University Business School.

It was also used in support of the activities of a new cross-faculty research grouping: the Centre for Innovation, Knowledge and Development (IKD), including a series of Open Forum Workshops held to discuss the wider context of the Centre.

Anyone with an interest in the management of knowledge in organisations is welcome to visit and contribute to the site.

The site was not part of the official Open University or OUBS set of web sites, and therefore did not represent official opinion of either.

Suggestions for content, links, comments and corrections are welcome and may be forwarded to Steve Little


IKE was one of the School's most active research and teaching centres. It was the home of the School's academics involved in pioneering and innovative work on knowledge management, entrepreneurship and e-learning. In research terms, IKE hosted the Managing Knowledge and Innovation Research Unit (MKIRU) and the Small Enterprise Research Team (SERTeam, with its 5.000 SME research database and regular, longitudinal surveys for LloydsTSB and Nat West banks, spanning 20 years). IKE members were successful in bidding for external funds from the CIMA, DTI, EPSRC, ESRC, EU and commercial sponsors to support a wide range of research projects and scoping studies that reflected IKE's central interests.

IKE members took a leading role in chairing courses across the range of the School's offerings from Masters level (the new core of the MBA; the popular managing knowledge and managing creativity Masters electives); undergraduate level (two level 2 BA(BS) courses); the Certificate in Management (the School's workhorse); and new short business development and entrepreneurship courses. IKE members are also very active in supervising PhD and research Masters students.

Several member of IKE were also involved in the development of IKD - a university-level research centre on Innovation, Knowledge and Development.


Latest Additions

The set of virtual journeys was expanded to include a linked journey across the Irish Sea created at the Odyssey Group meeting hosted by the University of Ulster in August 2004.

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B823 Managing Knowledge

This site was established in 2000 to support the MBA elective B823 Managing Knowledge by providing an interactive archive to capture ideas and resources developed via the synchronous and asynchronous discussions carried out by each cohort of students.

Knowledge management is now a widely understood aspect of business and administration, but the site is being maintained in part as a record of the development of the topic.

Students and staff involved with B823 had password protected access to the B823 area of the OUBS Intranet which provided a range of course related resources.

General information about the OUBS and its current programmes and courses can be found on the open website at http://oubs.open.ac.uk/

The Course Introduction and Units contained a number of relevant URLs. Students themselves share useful URLs via their FirstClass on-line conferences. Additional on-line resources are provided within the Open University's main site at http://www.open.ac.uk.


This associated site supported the Management of Knowledge and Innovation Research Unit with an archive containing schedules, abstracts and synopses for the seminar series held at Walton Hall and links to the work of members and contributors.

This series is now incorporated into the main Business School schedule.

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The Managing Knowledge Reader

From the third presentation onwards of B823 "Managing Knowledge" a co-published reader was produced with Sage as Little S.E. Quintas P. & Ray T.E. (Eds) (2001) Managing Knowledge: An Essential Reader Sage Publications, London, ISBN 0-7619-7213-7. The book includes several original chapters by course team members which frame a collection of key articles. This book is provided to students along with the other course materials
Little, Quintas & Ray (2001)
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Virtual Journeys

This site makes use of the "Virtual Journey" developed by the Odyssey Group of organization theorists. This provides a richer medium than the text-based electronic conferencing that has been in use at the OUBS for a number of years.

A short article outlining the relationships between the different forms of electronic support used on B823 is available as a pdf file

The page linked HERE gives access to the adjacent list of resources and contains explanatory links to background sites.

Each journey is introduced by an image which has been selected to make a point that will be explored in the medium of the Virtual Journey.

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Virtual tools and technologies

Search Engines

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Research Journeys

An African Journey

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This page was created by
Stephen Little
Formerly Head, Centre for Innovation, Knowledge and Enterprise
Open University Business School
Milton Keynes, U.K.