Movement at the Margins

Last update 05 November 2003

Within developed economies, relative disadvantage in terms of resources and access to resources exists

New York, North Shields

In October 2001 Newcastle City Council conducted a real-time transport monitoring exercise as part of the NEAT (North East Action on Transport) initiative.

The Moor Park Community Centre, North Shields contributed to this exercise and in July 2003 hosted a virtual symposium on the problems of mobility for the older population.

The internet resources of the centre are available to any OU student from the area.

A virtual journey around the Moor Park area is available at their Explore Club site. This represents a prototype for the distributed monitoring of public service provision and a new form of e-governance.

The relationship between transport and social exclusion has been highlighted by the Cabinet Office Social Exclusion Unit

The Mobile Network is a group of leading transport researchers and social scientists that is examining the complex social processes involved in contemporary patterns of travel and transportation.

The Network advances and assesses the social as opposed to conventional engineering and economic approaches to transportation. It is conducting an ESRC funded seminar series examining how various economic, technological, social and political changes are transforming the significance and development of different forms of mobility.

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